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                       D        A                  G                                 Em           G        A        G     A

Purify my heart, let me be as gold and precious silver

                                 D      A                  G                                Em        D  A

Purify my heart, let me be as gold, pure gold

                              D        G          A          D                    G           A                      D            A

Refiner's fire, my heart's one desire is to be holy

                                                    Em               G             A

Set apart for You Lord

                                                   D     A          Em      G                  A

I choose to be, holy, set apart for You my Master

                                                          G               A               D

Ready to do Your will








"Refiners Fire", by Brian Doerksen

1990 Mercy Publishing

CCLI# 16299





































                                          C            F              G                 C     F               G

Revive us oh Lord, Revive us oh Lord

                                                      C                      F                        D     G

And cleanse us from our impurities

                                                                     E-Am  E    E-Am

And make us Holy

                                                           F                       G                               C

Hear our cry and revive us oh Lord




"Revive Us Oh Lord", by Steve Camp & Carman

1986 Birdwing Music(Admin. by the Sparrow Corp)

Some-O-Dat Music(ASCAP)(Admin. by Dayspring Music[A Div. of Word, Inc.])

CCLI# 16299


















































I am covered over with the robes of righteousness


That Jesus gives to me, gives to me


I am covered over with the precious blood of Jesus

                                                               D                           D7

And He lives in me, lives in me


What a joy it is to know


My Heavenly Father loves me so

                                                             G                                     Em

And gives to me, my Jesus

                             D                                                                 A

When He looks at me He sees not what I used to be

                                                                                      G - D

But He sees Jesus



"Robes Of Righteousness", Author Unknown

CCLI# 16299